CEFR Companion volume with New Descriptors  (Provisional Edition) is now online available. It is intended as a complement to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment (CEFR) (2001). The “Companion Volume” is the Council of Europe’s response to requests that have been made by the groups involved in the field of language education to complement the original illustrative scales with more descriptors. In addition to the extended illustrative descriptors, it contains an introduction to the aims and main principles of the CEFR.

The Companion Volume contains:

—          A text explaining key aspects of the CEFR for teaching and learning

—          Updated versions of the 2001 scales (gaps filled: better description at A1 and the C-levels, new analytic scale for phonology)

—          Descriptors for new areas: mediation (including reactions to creative text/literature), online interaction , and plurilingual/pluricultural competence

—          Examples for the mediation descriptors for the four domains public, personal, occupational, educational

—          A brief rationale for each descriptors scales (old as well as new)

—          A brief account of the development project. Read more


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