Natalia Igolkina (SELTA Vice-president, SSU) and Elena Yastrebova (Royal Academy of Languages) took part in the XXIV annual NATE Russia International Convention & English Language Expo at Samara University (Samara). The whole event was a great success. About 600 participants could enjoy sharing ideas and concerns with professionals of our community from different cities and visitors from other countries. 30739821_1872854799405717_8602888518307414016_nSELTA was presented by two reports: “Cooperation between Private Language Schools and State Educational Institutions” (by N.Igolkina, E. Yastrebova and V.Akoulina) and “English Word Order: Should It be Learnt or Acquired by Russian Learners” (N. Igolkina).


Our representatives also participated in the poster session devoted to NATE affiliates with the poster Самара_2018_постер. The conference programme offered a great choice of seminars and workshops for teachers with various interests. The event gave a unique opportunity to gain new experience and inspiration. 0-02-05-3b54ce119542da87cabb91ee66f350dc9a81edf142c0eda695f11e4f95145e3e_6ec6a049We are thankful to the organisers of this wonderful  and significant event.


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