aIKGPrxAThe annual international Umbrella NATE 2018 “Redefining ELT in the Context of National Educational Reforms and Institutional Changes” conference successfully took part on September 28-29 at Moscow Metropolitan Governance University. SELTA members Natalia Igolkina and Valentina Akoulina actively participated in this event with quite an extensive programme.

Valentina Akoulina has been given an exciting opportunity to participate in «InFormal Basic» — a 4 days’ training course in Moscow. The NATE Teacher Training School 2018 «InFormal Basic — Integration of Non-Formal Education approach to the Formal Education System» provided by the Academy of Innovation aimed at training on non-formal methods of teaching/learning and their practical use in the classroom.

The participants of the course identified the difference between formal and non-formal education, learned the strategies and tools to use in non-formal education, formulated SMART-goals for the lessons and practiced on creating their own non-formal lessons. Valentina Akoulina has successfully completed a 2-ETC (72-hour) ELT course and will disseminate the knowledge among the English teachers in Saratov.



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